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Bidwill Banter is our monthly newsletter and reports on the latest news from the Bidwill community, our work and opportunities for you to connect.

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Above all, we are seeking volunteers who want to ‘muck in’ with Bidwill activities and programs.  This might mean participating in a group or meetings alongside locals or engaging in a specific and focused program. Have a look at our What We Do page and drop down menu to see if any of these programs interest you.

We are specifically looking for volunteers to support us in the following ways:320

  • Getting Ahead– This program will begin in August and aims to assist people in poverty to examine their lives, strengths, things holding them back, and opportunities to move forward. For more info on how you can help with this program, please click here.

  • Kids Hope Aus– perhaps you are interested in spending an hour a week with a student from Bidwill Public School in order to encourage and support them. Bidwill Public has identified that they need more support for their vulnerable students and they have expressed that they are very happy with the Kids Hope Aus program. We currently have nine mentors but need more to fill the demand. For more info about this program, please click here.

  • Broadening Horizons– this program is a mentoring program for young people. This year, the project is focused on young women and bushwalking. You are welcome to come along on the bushwalks and support the young women on their journey. For more info about this project, please click here. If you are interested in doing some fundraising for Broadening Horizons or making a donation, please check out our Everyday Hero page.

  • Lawn mowing program– this program is primarily for local residents to borrow a lawn mower and other equipment to care for their property. However, there are always people who will need a bit of help with yard maintenance. Perhaps you are interested in mowing someone’s yard for them once a month and building a relationship with them.
  • Mail outs– not the most exciting task in the world, but one that needs doing once a month for a couple of hours. Each month when we mail out our Bidwill Banters, a volunteer would be handy to help with the folding of letters and stuffing of envelopes.
  • Leafleting– this is a job that offers great exercise! We aim to letterbox the local neighbourhood with flyers once a month. If you could volunteer regularly or as a once off, you’d be very much appreciated.

Soon we hope to be looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Creative workshops– perhaps you have artistic, craftastic, musical, sporty or some other kind of skill that you would be happy to share with local Bidwill residents, or perhaps you would like to come and participate in these workshops yourself and learn new skills whilst getting to know locals.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these activities, please contact Bec on 9835 2970 or