Our Team

John Dacey- Community Minister.

John Dacey is responsible for facilitating BU’s programs to ensure services are available and accessible to the Bidwill community.

Having worked with BU for almost nine years, John is passionate about building loving and trusting relationships with local residents so that BU can begin to assist them to overcome the barriers – personal and social – which have prevented them from fulfilling their potential.

In his time with BU, John has developed a strong network of community groups, schools, businesses and volunteers that share the goals of BU and work together to deliver integrated programs aimed at encouraging local residents.

He firmly believes that his role is to build trust and mutuality with residents, and that he and his team will achieve this by working for the community, from within the community.

John was ordained as a Deacon in the Uniting Church in 1996, and has worked in three Catholic Church organisations involved in action for social justice, community and international development, nonviolence and social change. He has facilitated and supported groups and individuals in their action and reflection on issues of life and faith, equipping them with skills and techniques of leadership and faith development, social analysis, biblical and theological reflection, action planning and evaluation.

John is driven by a passion for social justice and for seeing the world become a place which is fairer for all, giving people equal opportunities to fulfil their potential. He joins with those who suffer from the injustices of this world, those who are not given opportunities that most of us have by chance of birth.

In his own words, “I choose to place my capacities at the service of those who miss out, so that I might contribute something to their efforts to achieve their full potential as well as to the task of building a fairer society”.


Carolyn Dacey- Kids Hope Aus Coordinator (volunteer).

For more information about the Kids Hope Aus program, please click here.

Jozica Crncec and Bec Reidy- Community Network Developers.

Jozica and Bec both work to raise the profile of Bidwill Uniting, raise much needed funds, communicate and network with the broader Uniting Church and its congregations as well as recruit and manage volunteers.