Kids Hope Aus

One-on-One Mentoring Program.

One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School.

Kids Hope Aus is an early intervention and prevention program for children at risk of social and academic engagement. It is Australia’s largest mentoring program for primary school aged children.

Bidwill Uniting participates in the Kids Hope Aus program with Bidwill Primary School . Our Kids Hope Aus coordinator, Carolyn Dacey recruits, supports and manages volunteers for this program as well as mentoring a student herself.

Each volunteer mentor meets with one student from Bidwill Primary School for one hour each week to develop a supportive relationship that will benefit the student and help them through life’s challenges.

We are currently seeking new mentors for Kids Hope Aus.

Please contact Carolyn if you would like to chat about the possibility of being involved.

Please give generously to the Kids Hope Aus program in Bidwill. It costs about

$125 per child per year to run the program. Your donation will help resource the program in Bidwill and help us to offer the program to more students.


Christine and Geoff

Christine and Geoff, Kids Hope Aus mentors

Below is a feature article from Bidwill Banter (Nov 2015):

Christine and Geoff, from Glenbrook Uniting Church, have been volunteering with the KIDS HOPE AUS program in Bidwill for over 5 years. They have been part of a program that is having a powerful impact on children at Bidwill Primary School.

Both Christine and Geoff agree that it is the development of a solid and meaningful relationship with your ‘mentee’ that is the most rewarding part of being a mentor. In the beginning it can be difficult, as the child may be hesitant or not seem overly interested. However, Geoff and Christine commented that “over time, when the student realises that you are here just for them- one hour a week, every week, giving them one-on-one attention- well then that hour seems to become important to them”.

Geoff told the story a young boy, ‘Tim’ that he mentored in years 5&6. At first Tim didn’t always turn up for the mentoring sessions and when he did he showed little interest. But over time Tim blossomed and even wrote a letter apologising for the way he behaved at the beginning of the relationship. Tim is in high school now and is doing very well. Tim recently spoke to Christine and Geoff at a chance encounter and expressed how happy he was that they were both “still coming to look after the kids”. He couldn’t stay long to chat as he had a class he needed to get to, which is a big turnaround from his primary school days where he didn’t seem to value his education.

Geoff and Christine affirmed that, “It is a big commitment and it’s hard because you don’t always see the outcome, but when you do, there is much joy and hope”.